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As a proficient  juggler, musician, mime, magician, puppeteer and arguably one of Australia’s funniest clowns, Frank Ozo can entertain any audience in any type of venue.


In the tradition of the great travelling clowns of Europe, Frank Ozo charms and enthrals children of all ages with his hilarious antics and cheeky wit.

His Italian heritage is evident in his commedia style clowning and modern Punch and Judy skits.


Performing original acts featuring his collection of rare, authentic props and costumes.  Frank OZO has toured extensively throughout Australia’s regional centres and country towns performing at an amazing array of venues ranging most of NSW regional Prisons and Correction Centres  to University campuses, hospitals schools and Kindies. OZO’s shows have been witnessed by thousands of Australians of every age, cultural background, ethnicity, and shoe size.

Frank OZO has performed at The Festival of Sydney, Adelaide Festival of Arts, Canberra Festival, Come Out SA, Brisbane’s Warana, Sydney’s Carnivale, ABC’s Playschool, Bondi Festival, Luna Park, Canberra Theatre, The Rocks Puppet Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Powerhouse Museum, Martin Place, Wrest Point Casino (Tas.), The Sydney Cricket Ground,  and Harry’s Pie Cart

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